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Body Contouring

(Body Sculpting)

Provides you with smoother appearance

As you would expect, body contouring surgery is an all-encompassing term for the procedures that aim to make improvements in the body’s appearance with regards to both shape and tone. The term — often adapted to ‘body sculpting surgery’ — may be said to include general cosmetic surgery such as augmentation, reduction and uplift that concentrates on the breast area, although these procedures are often regarded as separate. Nonetheless, a large majority of women choose to incorporate breast enlargement and liposculpture into their body contouring surgery.

Why do Patients Seek Body-Contouring Surgery?
Body sculpting surgery is ideally aimed at individuals who have consistently attempted to improve the appearance of their bodies either through extensive exercise or strict dieting, but have nonetheless achieved disappointing results. This may include individuals who have specific problems such as excessive cellulite or areas where they are prone to store excess localised fat deposits. For the majority of these individuals, body contouring surgery is the only solution.

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Which Treatments to Have?
Nevertheless, any individual considering taking this course of action is advised to seek expert attention at specialist clinics such Nu Cosmetic Clinic who offer a range of treatments. These can be adapted to suit the individual needs of each patient. More often than not, the various procedures may be combined together to create a unique, tailor-made plan that will ensure the best results are achieved. Suffice to say, an in-depth consultation is vital for each individual in order that the most suitable body sculpting surgery can be determined for each case.

The Procedures
In the majority of cases, the operations will be carried out while the patient is under general anaesthetic. The exception here is liposculpture which is generally carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation. In general, the procedure will last for approximately one hour, although more complex procedures such as liposculpture, abdominoplasties or a combination of several procedures will take much longer.

Procedures such as liposculpture will only require the patient to be admitted as an out-patient, while the longer procedures will require the patient to stay for at least one or two nights.

Later Progress
Strenuous work should be avoided for some weeks after the procedures are performed. However, you can hope to be back to work in less than a fortnight, provided your work is not particularly physical. In addition, regular physical exercise can be resumed within six weeks.

Nonetheless, a recovering patient should expect to suffer some discomfort immediately after the operation. Some swelling is likely to occur and it is advisable for the patient to wear some form of support, for several weeks at least. The removal of sutures will be carried out between ten and fourteen days after surgery. Normal activity can then be resumed in a further one or two weeks.

Maintaining Your New Shape
The results of the treatment will be permanent, providing the patient continues to follow a sensible diet and exercise regime. Indeed, such action can often lead to an even greater improvement. However, as should be expected, if the patient reverts to poor dietary habits the results may still be reversed. Similarly, subsequent pregnancies may have a negative effect.

Body Contouring Clinics
Nu Cosmetic Clinic have highly qualified surgeons who perform body contouring at various locations throughout the UK.

Body Contouring Finance Options
To help you manage the cost of your body contouring, Nu Cosmetic Clinic are able to offer body contouring treatments on finance from just £99 per month. We offer a 12 to 24 month interest free option.

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