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Your passion to tune yourself into a new chapter of renewed body shape, size and structure has many dimensions to consider. Explore the multiple facets of cosmetology you can ask to put together by your preferred Cosmetic Clinic and renew yourself once again.

Cosmetic Surgery Sheffield Team 

With well spread presence across the UK in various locations, Nu Cosmetic Clinic is all about making the difference that really matters for you. With cosmetic treatment solutions ranging across surgical and non-surgical options, the Sheffield Clinic is recognized for its specialized therapies for restoring physical structure and appeal of Breasts, Hair, Skin and Overall Body. Our solutions are well classified and you can always stop by to relate yourself with the options before you. Contact Us for more information about the clinic and to know how we all work for your benefit.

Our Services 

Our service portfolio is always wide spread with well classified therapy solutions and options; enabling you to carefully opt for what suits best for you. You don’t have to be worked up about going about your choices as well because consulting and individual counseling are among the key services we offer. We believe in helping you to make an informed choice over a period of time by analyzing the benefits and limitations of the options recommended for you. Major part of our engagement plan is intended to boost up your confidence and allow various cosmetic solutions to enhance your emotional strength. Take a look at our well-defined services and know more about your favorite cosmetic therapy.

Vaser Liposuction


Vaser Liposuction therapies are among of the premium class of cosmetic solutions recommended across the UK and world for proactive reduction and removal of stubborn fat that is resisting weight loss as well as causing many types of body deformities. The technology behind Vaser Liposuction is so dynamic and its advanced techniques have been adopted into the frame-work of cosmetic surgeries for the precision and sophistication they offer. This treatment procedure is diligently facilitated at our Sheffield Clinic for assisting you with fat reduction followed by enabling a renewed body shape and structure. You can find yourself a lot slimmer and rebuild all that you may have lost in the past several years, and it’s also a painless therapy, adding more to your comforts.
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Hair Transplant Surgery


The very idea of Hair Transplant Surgery is backed up by the time-tested practices of surgical transplant procedures and grafting techniques that are proving to be absolutely beneficial against balding. There are two prominent methods or procedural types of Hair Transplant; they are nothing but FUT and FUE methods. FUT is Follicular Unit Transplantation and FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, you can review the technical differences and practical implications at our Sheffield Clinic as we offer both the Hair Transplant Procurers. You can be assured that a transplant procedure is a well researched and highly recommended by quite a few reputed cosmetic surgeons in the world.
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Breast Augmentation/Enlargement


While having well contoured and ideally shaped Breasts is an amazing thing to happen for a woman, you can’t ignore the possibility of abnormally with poorly grown Breasts in many women. This is a very common scenario and you perhaps cannot even call it a deformity. When you look at it from a cosmetic angle, small Breasts could be the reason for your disappointment and you shouldn’t be disappointed any more, all thanks to Breast Augmentation and Enlargement procedures. Your Breasts can be transformed to their desirable shape and structure when you choose augmentation. The Sheffield Clinic for Cosmetic Treatments has a special approach and outlook towards Cosmetic Breast Health, and we believe that placement of Breast implants could make a world of difference.
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Breast Implant Replacement


Breast Implant Replacement could become essential though it is not inevitable and there could be several reasons for it. It is possible that you are not finding the implants positioned in your Breasts to be relevant or effective after using them for very long time. It is also advised by the cosmetic experts to periodically review and replace the implants as there is always time bound relevance for implants made of saline or silicone fillings. Many times you might feel the need to replace the implants where as the real requirement may be only about simple adjustments. Be glad that our Sheffield Clinic provides round the clock assistance in terms counseling support as well as faster replacement services. Please click here.

Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction is yet another prominent Cosmetic Breast Care Procedure offered to help you to garner the ideal shape and position of your Breasts. The major parameter in this treatment planning is to tone down the Breasts to create an idealistic outward impression which is also in tune with the rest of your body’s shape. It is pretty common to notice excessively big sized Breasts in women that also have a negative impact on their physical structure and personality. The Sheffield Clinic for Cosmetic Care and Surgery has specialized experts of Breast Health who can personalize your Breast Reduction Surgery by evaluating certain critical parameters. Please click here.

Breast Uplift


Drooping skin around your Breasts and Chest region represented by sagging Breasts is not a good impression to deal with everyday when you have credible solutions available in terms of Breast Uplift. The key purpose of this therapy is to fill in the gaps to restore your Breast’s contour with a firm and concrete placement on your chest. You can revisit your youthful days by simply opting for this cosmetic treatment that results in facilitating fuller and attractive Breasts. With our Sheffield Clinic around, you can expect an easy and better access to the Breast Uplift experts who precisely know what to recommend. Please click here.

Areola/Nipple Reduction


When it’s all about appearance and outward appeal, every aspect of it matters, no matter how small or how big it could be. The science of Cosmetology and variety of cosmetic solutions related with Breast care and management have been proving it time and again. The focus on Areola or Nipple Reduction is gaining its prominence and it has its own scope and relevance to ensure your Breasts are perfectly positioned in an ideal way. Since you know the negative impact caused even by abnormal size of your Nipples, it is wise to get them reconstructed by an expert surgeon. When it comes to corrective measures and restorative treatments based on cosmetology, you can confidently walk in to Sheffield Clinic dedicated for cosmetic surgery and relevant treatments.
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Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal is about proactive Skin Care and Management; you can opt for this therapy if you don’t want to stress your skin with routine treatments that can potentially injure or even damage your skin. The new generation Laser based Skin Care therapies are effective in not only removing your hair but also blocking the growth of new hair over the skin. You can opt for entire body Hair Removal or specifically apply its benefits for particular region. It’s a permanent solution with long lasting impact and effect on the health and texture of your skin, keeping it smoother and softer. The Skin Care Solutions offered at our Sheffield Clinic are par excellent and comparable with global standards. Please click here.

Eye Bag Removal & Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)


You can choose to look good with corrective procedures like Eye Bag Removal & Eyelid Surgery if your eyelids are affecting the beauty quotient. The modern day cosmetology is so advanced that every element of beauty enhancement has a dedicated solution, exclusively developed for specific purposes. Blepharoplasty is a unique procedure offered at our Sheffield Clinic for correcting or reversing the negative impact caused due to wrinkles and eye bags formation. With time and aging, the skin beneath and above the eyelids tends to attain withering or sagging effect that would eventually result in causing abnormalities.
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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Sometimes it is common to have unusually presented lips that can make your overall face to appear odd and unimpressive. Thanks to the latest developments in the area of cosmetic enhancement therapies, there are exclusive solutions meant for lip enhancement. We have a different outlook and more dedicated approach for lip enhancement surgery with Lip Fillers at our Sheffield Clinic. Lip Fillers are recommended for the corrective purposes of various types of lip disorders and from the perspective of cosmetology they remain impactful for a very long time. We share our treatment recommendations with you after a proper evaluation of your situation by the experts.
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Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift

At times it is common to experience degeneration of facial impression because of imbalanced presence of your cheeks and chin. At Sheffield Clinic we recommend Liquid Facelift which is performed with the help of wrinkle smoothers and dermal fillers. Laser techniques are used to compliment this procedure and the application of laser based procedures is justified because of the common sensitivities involved in facial therapies. The objective of facelift procedures is facial rejuvenation and balancing the shape, size and positioning of cheeks by aligning them with your chin, resulting in a fresh and youthful face.
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Hair Transplant Surgeon GMC No: 5176052 MBBS, GP Dr Kunnure is a certified doctor and a member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons. He is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery...

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